CRGolf Beehives

Beehives At CRgolf

In late Spring of 2020 we installed two bee hives off our #16 black tee box, which are protected by a 10’x10’ fence. The bees are a great addition to the course, and have worked hard for the past few months to make just enough honey to insulate and survive over the winter. Next year they should be set up for success and will likely be producing extra honey that we can then harvest and put to culinary use over at Velocity (fancy cocktails perhaps?). With training by Rachel Halliwell (local Comox Valley Bee Master), our staff members Brad Sinclair & Steve Kerbrat are learning to become our in-house beekeepers.
Fun fact: beeswax is formed on the outside of the abdomen of worker bees before being transferred to the hive.